My name is Cristian Manuel. I'm a Brand and Cultural Strategist. I don't rep that unless it's necessary. I’m a human being and live life through the ethos of a Student & Artist.

Day to day; I learn and unlearn to understand a rich subcultural world through a collective, creative, studious, and sometimes guerilla approach.

I'm from Queens, New York with Oaxacan and Pueblano descent. My principles, drive, and creativity come from the collective experiences of my ancestors and those in my community. Because without them, I’m not the person who wrote this text. I owe them everything, my journey is about community empowerment, self determination, and authenticity.

If you're about prioritizing quality and details, and not settling with superficial work, we can talk. Let's connect and build genuine bridges together. Not one person can do everything. It takes a collective effort. That's what playing soccer since 6 taught me, having family and friends who look out for me.

Hit me up - Peace.

Community and Surroundings
Public School 122Q
Intermediate School 141Q
Long Island City High School
Baruch College , Bachelor of Business Adminstration, Marketing Strategy & New Media Arts

Student, First | Cultural Researcher & Brand Strategist


Seeking fulltime and freelance brand strategist roles, senior level preffered.

Passion Founded in 2021, Avd Cmty, serves as an experiment as we transition to tomorrow.....takes on the act of a brand to reach youth. 

Brand Strategist - Mojo Supermarket
Freelance Cultural Strategist
Cultural Strategist - Travel Agency
Junior Creative Strategist and Project Manager - Inner City
Experiential Account Executive - Matte Projects
Marketing Assistant - Extra Butter New York

Resume & Portfolio: Upon request - Email

Brand & Institutional Experience:
Adidas | Airbnb| Black Archives | Diageo
Edrington | Equinox | Facebook | Girls Who Code
Hennessy | Match  | Moschino | Nike
Prizm Art Fair | Rebook | Spotify | StockX
The High Line | The North Face |Truth Initiative